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Engendering ICTs Study: If you don't ask for gender in a Bank project, you won't get it!

Tuesday, July 8

Presented by:
Robert Schware, Lead Informatics Specialist (CITPO) &
Kayoko Shibata, Knowledge Management Analyst (PRMGE)

Moderated by: Severin L. Kodderitzsch, Lead Operations Officer, Private and Financial Sectors Department, World Bank
Hosted by Trust Fund Strategy and Donor Relations Unit Presents


PRMGE and GICT are completing a joint study financed under the Japanese Consultant Trust Fund program. This seminar aims at helping the Bank task team leaders to incorporate gender issues into Bank projects. The Study reviews a range of Bank projects from different sectors, not only those that include ICT components. It provides emerging lessons of experience in including gender into projects and discusses some practical design and implementation issues that the task teams need to face. The presenters introduced the toolkit that accompanies this Study.

The Study was presented at K4D Community BBL in June and this session provided an opportunity to those who missed it.

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