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An Informal Meeting on SEWA's ICT Program

June 28, 2002

The Self Employed Women's Association, India (SEWA) has had numerous visits and meetings with the World Bank regarding its poverty reduction plan. Now, SEWA introduced its ICT program to us. SEWA's ICT unit explores the use of ICT as a tool to increase the efficiency of rural micro-level enterprise activities in order to secure poor women's livelihood. Mr.Vinayak Ghatate, Manager of ICT Program, SEWA introduced the following work of SEWA's ICT unit:

  • Mitigating of disasters (e.g. earthquakes) through setting up communication centers which provide email and Internet connections, satellite phones, and VSAT equipment.
  • Designing customized software for poor illiterate women for their micro-enterprises (village embroidery activity, agriculture, incense, gum, and salt).
  • Connecting members to global markets through e-business.
  • Designing customized dairy management software for a rural milk co-op to test the consistency of the milk and eliminate fraud.

Mr. Vinayak Ghatate, Manager of ICT Program, SEWA

Mr. Motoo Kusakabe, VP of Resource Mobilization and Co-financing, the World Bank.


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