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Engendering ICT (with video conference links to Afghanistan, Thailand, and Uganda)

The study, Engendering ICT: Ensuring Gender Equality in ICT for Development, found that a wide range of Bank projects from different sectors could benefit from paying more attention to gender issues. The training sharedlessons of experience in including gender issues into projects and discuss some practical design and implementation issues for task teams. The course introducedparticipants to the Engendering ICT Toolkit which contains checklists, evaluation tools, good practice examples, and resources appropriate for crafting and incorporating gender into ICT projects and project components. The session included short presentations on successful Bank projects by Bank task managers and external presenters.

Presenters: Homira Nassery, Advisor to Senior Women in Management - UNDP, Carol Le Duc, Senior Social Development Specialist (SASES), Shashi K. Shrivastava, Senior Education Specialist (SASHD), Samia Melhem, Senior Informatics Specialist (CITPO), Kayoko Shibata, Knowledge Management Analyst (PRMGE), Dr. Eun-Ju Kim, Senior Advisor for Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, ITU, and Dr.Lynn Thiesmeyer, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University, Tokyo.

IT Presence and Value in Gender Organizations (ppt)

Gender Equity LIL "Generosidad" (ppt)

Engendering ICT - India: Technician Education Project (ppt)

Engendering ICT in Afghanistan (ppt)

International Telecommunication Union (ppt)

IT Presence and Values in Gender Organization (ppt)

B-Span: Ensuring Gender Equality in ICT for Development

Updated: 5/17/05

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