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Tools for Specific Sectors and Themes

This page provides an array of development resources on gender, including sectoral tools and publications. Toolkits contain ready-to-use material, including a range of approaches for gender analysis and practical "how-to" strategies collected from program and project experience around the world.

If briefing notes are available, they are indicated by a download icon: download 

Integrating Gender Issues into HIV/AIDS Programs: An Operational Guide(PDF 572KB)

Briefing Notes

Adolescent Girls Initiative Tool 
(Intranet Only)

Gender Issues in Monitoring and Evaluation in Rural Development: A Tool Kit , June 2005 (PDF 1.2MB)

Gender in Agriculture Learning Module

Toolkit on Gender Issues in Agriculture,
Monica S. Fong and Anjana Bhushan
, 1996 (PDF 637 KB)

Toolkit on Gender in Water and Sanitation. 1996. Monica S. Fong, Wendy Wakeman and Anjana Bhushan, 1996

Engendering ICT Toolkit

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