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Report on Engendering Development in Russian

Report on Engendering Development through Gender Equality in Rights, Resources, and Voice

Russian Version

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 Title(PDF 147KB)
 Contents(PDF 130KB)


(PDF 122KB)
 Preface(PDF 90KB)
 The Report Team(PDF 88KB)
 Acknowledgement(PDF 93KB)
 Summary(PDF 263KB) 


   1. Gender Inequality at the Start of the 21st Century(PDF 382KB)
   2. Gender Inequality Hinders Development(PDF 307KB)          
   3. Social Norms, Laws, and Economic Institutions(PDF 269KB)
   4. Power, Incentives, and Resources in the Household(PDF 293KB)
   5. Is Economic Development Good for Gender Equality(PDF 362KB)
   6. A Three-Part Strategy to Promote Gender Equality(PDF 380KB)


 Appendice 1(PDF 193KB)
 Appendice 2(PDF 162KB)
 Appendice 3(PDF 197KB)
 Appendice 4(PDF 183KB)
 Appendice 5    (PDF 161KB)
 Glossary of Terms in Figures(PDF 127KB)
 References(PDF 258KB)