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Sectoral Operational Guides: Health, Education, Justice and Multi-Sector Responses to Violence Against Women

As part of the follow-up to the conference, the World Bank's Gender and Development Group commissioned four sectoral operational guides on how to address violence against women (VAW) within health, education, justice and multi-sector projects. These guides were written to provide World Bank operational staff and other development practitioners with examples of projects that have successfully integrated approaches to preventing and responding to VAW into their design. The guides are based on two pieces of analytical work, the first of which was commissioned in preparation for the conference. These are: "Preventing and Responding to Gender-Based Violence in Middle and Low Income Countries: A Multi-Sectoral Literature Review and Analysis" by Sarah Bott, Andrew Morrison, and Mary Ellsberg; and "Addressing Gender-Based Violence in the Latin American and Caribbean Region: A Critical Review of Interventions", by Andrew Morrison, Mary Ellsberg and Sarah Bott. The guides were written by Shawna Tropp and Mary Ellsberg.

Guidelines for Impact Evaluation for Gender Based Violence Projects 

Also as follow-up to the conference, workshop participants identified the need to conduct systematic evaluations of gender-based violence projects in order to determine their effectiveness in reducing gender-based violence. The associated recommendation was to develop an evaluation guide that UNIFEM can use to conduct impact evaluations of its existing and future portfolios of projects in its Trust Fund to Eliminate Violence Against Women.

The current document represents the first step in this endeavor:  the drafting of a guide to impact evaluation based on a representative sample of fifteen projects, drawn randomly from the list of Trust Fund projects funded and completed to date.

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