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Gender, Poverty and Demography Workshop, March 25, 2008

March 25th


Supported by the World Bank and the Government of Norway


Tuesday, March 25, 2008  n  8:30am to 4:30p.m 

 8:30–9:15  Welcome and Introduction to the Gender, Poverty, and Demography Initiative


Mayra Buvinic, Director, PREM Gender and Development, World Bank 


Monica Das Gupta, Senior Social Scientist, Development Economics Research Group, World Bank (PDF 28KB)


 9:15–10:30 Demographic Implosion — Population aging



Manny Jimenez,  Sector Director, East Asia -Human Development Sector Department, World Bank




Tim Smeeding and Qin Gao- “Elder Poverty in an Aging World: Conditions of Social Vulnerability, Low Income for Women in Rich and Middle Income Nations” (PDF 551KB)

Elizabeth Frankenberg  – “The Implications of Family Systems and Economic Context for Intergenerational Transfers in Indonesia and Bangladesh”. ( PDF 34KB))



Sonalde Desai, University of Maryland (PDF 156 KB)

Arup Banerji, Sector Manager, Human Development, ECA Region, World Bank (PDF 857KB)

Audience Q&A

10:30–12:00 Demographic Explosion — Rapid population growth and very youthful populations  



Thomas Merrick, Economist, World Bank Institute



Deon Filmer, Jed Friedmann, and Norbert Schady– “Fertility

preference, differential stopping behavior, and investment in child human

capital in the developing world” (PDF 70KB). 


Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue– “African Fertility Transitions and Gender

Parity in Schooling A Partial Assessment” (PDF 530KB


Michael Loshkin, Sergiy Radyakin , and Monica Das Gupta ,– “The

Impact of Family Size on Boys’ and Girls’ Child Welfare in India”

(PDF 180KB)




Cynthia Lloyd, Population Council


John May, Senior Population Specialist, Africa Region,

World Bank


Audience Q&A




 12:45–2:15 Demographic bulge — The demographic “window of opportunity”

Mukesh Chawla, Sector Manager, Human Development Network - Health, Nutrition & Population Team, World Bank


T Paul Schultz   –  “The Magnitude and Gender Consequences of the Demographic Dividend”  and “Consequences of Slowing Rapid Population Growth due to Demographic Transition”. ( PDF 40KB)


Jorge Saba Arbache, Joao Ricardo Faria, and Adolfo Sachsida

Labor Market Conditions, Gender Disparities, and Demographic Dynamics

in Poor Countries”  (PDF 60KB)

Pablo Acosta– “The Consequences of Female Migration in Child

Development in Rural El Salvador" (PDF 50KB 


Jeff Edmeades, Anju Malholtra, and Margaret Greene   Gender

Inequality and the Demographic Dividend”  (PDF 80KB)


Louise Fox,  Lead Specialist, Africa Region, World Bank

Sarosh Sattar, Senior Economist, ECA Region, World Bank

Audience Q&A



 2:15–3:30 Demographic hourglass, Part 1 — Losing working age people to HIV




Rachel Nugent, Center for Global Development


Achyuta R. Adhvaryu and Kathleen Beegle "Impact of Prime-adult Deaths on the Elderly in Tanzania" ( PDF 90KB)

Markus Goldstein, Harsha Thirumurthy, and Joshua S. Graff Zivin –"The Economic Impact of Aids Treatment: Labor Supply In Western  Kenya"
(PDF 90KB)

Simon Gregson "The Impact of AIDS on children in some African and   Asian countries" (PDF 160KB) 

David Mather and Cynthia Donovan  "The Impacts of Prime-age     Mortality on Rural Household Income, Assets, and Poverty in Mozambique" (PDF 320KB)


Martha Ainsworth, Lead Economist-Health, Independent Evaluation Group, World Bank    

Ariana Legovini, Lead Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Africa Region,  World Bank



 3:30-3:45 Demographic hourglass,  Part 2 — Armed Conflict, missing Girls and migration




Mayra Buvinic, Director, PREM Gender and Development, World Bank   


Andre Medici and Adriana Alves–  “The Demographic Impact of Armed

Conflict: a case study of Rwanda and El Salvador” ( PDF 80KB)


Avraham Ebenstein and Ethan Jennings   The Economic

Consequences of the ‘Missing Girls’ of China ” (PDF 80KB)

Michael Loshkin and Elena Glinskaya  – “Effect of Male Migration for

Work on Female Employment Patterns in Nepal”  (PDF130KB) 


Edmundo Murrugara, Senior Economist, Poverty Reduction Group,       

World Bank




 4.30–5:00   Next Steps and Concluding Remarks

Monica Das Gupta, Senior Social Scientist, Development Economics Research Group, World Bank


Mayra Buvinic, Director, Gender and Development, World Bank


















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