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Before you use the Key Gender Employment Indicators

Technical Note for Users

The Key Gender Employment Indicators have been computed using the household survey micro data included in the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) data archive. Please, refer to the LIS web site  to learn more about the country-specific Household Surveys that are included in the LIS archive.  The Gender Key Employment Indicators are also available on the LIS web site. 


Most of the indicators have been computed for working age adults, aged 20-54.

When identifiable, individuals serving in the armed forces or compulsory military or civil service are excluded from the analysis.  Military personnel are not specifically identified in some countries, in which case all individuals remain in the sample.

For some indicators, the sample consists of only the employed, not employed, or youth (again excluding military service).  The sample is described in the Notes attached to the indicators.


There are three types of missing information in the Key Gender Employment Indicators:



indicates that the information is not available.  This could mean that the variable is not present in the data file (in which case all categories for that variable contain "--"), or that a specific value for a categorical variable is not present for that country (in which case only the single category will be suppressed).


indicates that the variable is present in the file, but that at least 15% of the observations in the universe have missing or unclassifiable responses.


indicates a small sample size.  In tables where values are displayed (e.g., hours, employment rates), information in any single cell with fewer than 100 observations is suppressed.  In tables of population decomposition, if there are fewer than 100 observations per variable, then all of the information for that variable is suppressed.


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