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The World Bank Gender and Development Policy Framework - A Guidance Note

The main objective of this guidance note is to clarify management's position that the Bank’s gender policy framework is wider than just OP/BP 4.20 and that project level entry points for integrating gender issues are triggered by a number of factors. This guidance note, therefore, pulls together in one place the various strands of Bank policy that have a gender focus. It is aimed at fostering greater clarity and better implementation of the various Bank policies, procedures, good practices, guidelines and templates for routine Bank project preparation that are relevant for mainstreaming gender issues in the Bank’s work. More »

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This guidance note includes the following:
Chapter 1: Mainstreaming Gender Issues at the World Bank
The World Bank recognizes that gender issues are important dimensions of its poverty reduction, economic growth, human well-being and development effectiveness agenda. More »

Chapter 2: The Gender and Development Policy Framework: an Overview
The gender and development policy framework comprises nine Operational Policies (OPs) and/or Bank Procedures (BP): five are relevant for investment lending generally, one for development policy lending, and three for safeguard policies. More »

Chapter 3: OP/BP 4.20: The Bank’s Operational Policy Focused Specifically on Gender and Development
The 2003 OP/BP 4.20 establishes a country-level, strategic approach to mainstreaming gender issues in Bank work. More »

Chapter 4: Other Operational Policies in the Gender and Development Policy Framework
Beyond OP/BP 4.20 on gender and development, the policies in the gender and development policy framework vary in the level of visibility they give to gender - or sometimes women’s -issues. More »

Chapter 5: Implementing the Gender and Development Policy Framework in the Evolving Bank Agenda
Recent changes in the Bank’s agenda and procedures should influence all Bank work; the current focus on results is particularly relevant for mainstreaming gender issues in several areas of Bank work. More »

Chapter 6: Overall Accountability for Implementing the Gender and Development Policy Framework
The overall accountability of Bank managers and staff for mainstreaming gender issues into the World Bank’s work comprises the institutional accountabilities listed in BP 4.20 as well as the pertinent requirements of the Safeguard policies and other policies as relevant to gender mainstreaming. More »

Chapter 7: Monitoring Implementation and Results – The Current Framework
The current monitoring framework for gender mainstreaming brings together the monitoring processes for the gender dimensions of development as specified in the gender mainstreaming strategy and OP/BP 4.20, together with the monitoring processes common to all Bank policies and those specific to safeguard policies. More »

Annotated Bibliography of Key World Bank Publications Underpinning the Gender and Development Policy Framework More »

Summary of Key Elements of Each Policy, and Main Sources of Guidance More »

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