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IDA 16 New Results Measurement System and Implications for CASs and Bank Operations

April 18, 2011—3:45-5:30PM
Begins:   Apr 18, 2011 15:45
Ends:   Apr 18, 2011 17:30

private sector

In preparation for the IDA 16 implementation, this high-level panel session discussed the implications of the new IDA 16 Results Measurement System for Bank operations, policy dialogue and monitoring of development results and outcomes.

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In particular, this session:

  • provided an overview of the new IDA 16 Results Measurement System (RMS) and discusses how it relates to the Corporate Score Card;

  • discussed the implications of the new RMS for Bank Operations, CASs and for monitoring institutional performance on gender mainstreaming and development outcomes measured by Tier 1 indicators;

  • discussed how the new RMS will shape the relationship between the Bank and donors during IDA 16 implementation.

The primary objective of this session was to enable Senior Management to share with staff their perspectives on monitoring development results and gender mainstreaming within the context of the IDA 16 RMS and implementation.

Opening Remarks:

·  Mahmoud Mohieldin, Managing Director, MD


Panel Members:

·  James Adams, Regional Vice President, EAPVP

·  Aysegul Akin-Karasapan, Director, OPCDR

·  Antonella Bassani, Director, IDA Resource Mobilization, CFPIR

·  Colin Bruce, Director, Strategy and Operations, AFRVP

·  Mayra Buvinic, Director, Gender and Development, PRMGE

·  Kyle Peters, Director, Strategy and Country Services, OPCS

·  Xian Zhu, Director, Strategy and Operations, SARVP



·  Otaviano Canuto, Vice President & Head of Network, PRMVP


Target Audience:

  • Country Directors, Country Economists, Sector leaders in Regional VPUs and Networks, and donors.


Task Manager:

  • Hippolyte Fofack, Senior Economist, PRMGE 

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