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Working with Boys to Achieve Gender Equality Across Generations

Begins:   Feb 09, 2012 12:30
Ends:   Feb 09, 2012 14:30

Gender and Development Seminar Series
February 9, 2012


Attitudes are hard to shift.  Gender roles and social norms are reproduced across generations. Change requires the involvement of girls and boys, men and women.  This seminar examined approaches to working with boys and young men to break the cycle of inequality and violence that moves down the generations from father to son. The seminar drew from research and case studies in the recently released report Because I am a Girl: The State of the World’s Girls 2011 - So, what about boys?  The report is the fifth in a series of annual reports published by Plan International that examines the rights of girls throughout their childhood, adolescence and as young women. Speakers took us through the lifecycle from boyhood to fatherhood and examine how to integrate boys and men in gender equality interventions. Discussants then reflected on Bank operations, especially the ones focusing on men and boys and on how to take this agenda forward in the context of operationalizing the 2012 World Development Report on Gender and Development.  The event drew a lot of interest from the audience of over 100.

Video (2 hrs: WMV)


Ravi Karkara, Expert Advisor on Children and Youth, UNHABITAT  Power Point | Boys for Change 

Sarah Hendriks, Global Gender Advisor, Plan International Presentation | Movie 
Gary Baker, Intl Director Instituto Promundo-US  Power Point  (610KB) 



Fabian Koss, Youth Liaison, Office of External Relations, Inter-American Development Bank

Susan Opper, Senior Education Specialist, South Asia Region, World Bank



Jeni Klugman, Sector Director, Gender and Development Group, World Bank



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