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Training Modules

General Introduction

Manual on Gender Statistics

                     Developing Gender Statistics 

                     Preface, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents 

Module 1. What Is Gender Statistics and Gender Analysis?

                     power point documents   

                           Analysis and Presentation of Gender Statistics

                     video - History and Framework on Gender Statistics 

Module 2. Why Do We Need Gender Statistics?

                     power point documents 

                           Advocacy for Gender Statistics

                     video - Advocacy

Module 3. How to produce gender statistics?

Module 4. Improving the use of gender statistics

Module 5. Making it happen

Module 6. Labor and Employment statistics

                     power point documents 

                           Labor Statistics: Informal Employment

                           Incorporating Gender into Labour Statistics

                     video - Incorporating Gender into Labour Statistics

                     video - Time Use Surveys

                    Gender Pay Gap

                           Data Availability and Measurement Issues

                           Measuring the Gender Pay Gap

                    Size, structure and characteristics of the labour force

                           Informal employment

                                 video - Measuring Informal Employment

                    Unpaid work

                                 video - Gender Pay Gap

                    Reconciliation of work and family life

                                 video - Reconciliation of Work and Family Life

Module 7. Entrepreneurship 

Module 8. Access to finance

                     Analytical Paper on Access to Finance by S. Narain, World Bank 

Module 9. Access to assets

Module 10. Decision Making

                     video - Gender and Decision Making 

Module 11. Agriculture

Module 12. Information and communication technology

Module 13. Education, research and science

Module 14. Health

Module 15. Gender-based violence

                    Data Collection on Violence against Women

                           power point documents

                                 Challenges in Measuring Violence Against Women

                                 Surveys on Violence Against Women Overcoming Methodological Hurdles

                                 UNECE VAW Survey Module to Measure Core Set of VAW Indicators 

                     video - Interviews on Gender Based Violence 

                     video - Gender Based Violence 

Module 16. Social Exclusion, Minority, and Population Sub Groups

                     video - Gender and Population Sub Groups

Module 17. Gender Attitudes

Module 18. How to Organize a Training Program on Gender Statistics?

                     power point documents 

                               How to Organize a Successful Workshop on Gender Statistics? 

                               Capacity Building in Gender Statistics 1                               

                               Capacity Building in Gender Statistics 2

                               Project Management Tools 

                               Task, Methdology and Structure for Training in Gender Statistics

                               Engendering National Statistical Systems for a Knowledge-Based Policy Formulation

Module 19. Facilitation Guidelines for Trainers on Gender Statistics

                     Advocacy: Why Do We Need Gender Statistics? - Group discussion 

                     Advocacy: Why Do We Need Gender Statistics? - Slogan 

                     Making It Happen - Case Studies 

                     Making It Happen – Building Commitment and Partnerships - Organization Mapping Exercise                               

                     Reconciliation between work and family life 

                     Informal employment                     

                     Gender Pay Gap – Different Data Sources to Determine Gender Pay Gap 

                     Gender Pay Gap - Data analysis                     

                     Gender Based Violence - Quick Survey & Competition 

                     Gender Based Violence - Action Plan                     

                     Recommendations for Enhancing the Quality and Safety of Research on Domestic Violence 

                     Gender Based Violence - Advocacy                     


                     Decision Making in Public Life - Who’s who in your country?                     

                     Decision making in the Economy - Small Scale and Family owned 

                     Decision Making in the Economy - Large Enterprises                               

                     Population Subgroups (Multimedia and Team Discussion) 

                     Gender Budgeting - Poster Design 

                     Fix the Article 

                     Handout for Activity 4.1a Dissemination, Outreach and Marketing: Good or Bad?           

                    Dissemination, Outreach and Marketing: Good or bad?: The Principles of Good Graph Design 

                     New methods of statistics dissemination: On line dissemination 

                     Explore the UNECE Indicators – Quiz Game 

                     Ice Breaker

                     Needs Assessment

                     Role Play

                     Facilitation Techniques

                     Hitting the Nerve: Targeting Participants

                     Practical Info Session: How to organize a workshop

                     Workshop Review : Final Workshop Action Plan Activity

Module 20. Communication and Dissemination of Gender Statistics                   

                     video - Disseminating and Communicating Gender Statistics  





































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