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Governance and Anticorruption

GAC Update

Latest update:

Strengthening Governance, Tackling Corruption: World Bank Updated Strategy and Implementation Plan

The updated strategy was endorsed by the Board on March 27. Read more »

News Release | Updated Strategy | Fact Sheet

Implementing GAC at the World Bank Group

In 2007 the World Bank adopted the strategy, Strengthening WorldBank Group Engagement on Governance and Anticorruption (GAC). Now the Bank has updated the strategy for engaging with countries on governance and anti-corruption as an integral part of our work to improve development effectiveness, reduce poverty and promote growth.

The updated strategy, Strengthening Governance, Tackling Corruption: The World Bank's Updated Strategy and Implementation Plan was informed by the feedback we received as part of our country dialogue and during our online consultations from January 17 to February 19, and endorsed by the Board of Executive Directors on March 27, after minor amendments.

You can read a summary of the feedback received online by clicking HERE.

For a fact sheet on GAC achievements at the World Bank, click HERE.

previous gac strategy

The World Bank Group adopted a new Governance and Anticorruption (GAC) Strategy in March 2007, and an Implementation Plan for the strategy in October 2007. Two progress reports have been presented to the Board on progress on the strategy's implementation in October 2008 and October 2009 respectively. The GAC Council, comprising of senior-most management meets monthly to monitor progress of the strategy. A high-level Group of External Advisors of eminent public personalities from across the world has been constituted to provided ongoing advice on implementation, and has provided two reports in December 2008 and December 2009.

governance and anticorruption key principles

Seven principles guide the World Bank Group's work on governance and anticorruption. They reflect an emerging consensus and build on lessons of experience. Going forward, the Bank Group will:

- Focus this work on its mandate to reduce poverty - a capable and accountable state creates opportunities for the poor.

- Ensure that the work is country-driven.

- Adapt implementation to individual country circumstances.

- Remain engaged even in poorly governed countries so that “the poor do not pay twice.”

- Engage with a broad array of stakeholders.

- Strive to strengthen, not bypass, country systems.

- Work with governments, donors, and other actors at the country and global levels to ensure a harmonized and coordinated approach.

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Governance for Development BLOG

Governance for Development BLOG

Governance Partnership Facility

The Governance Partnership Facility is designed to help the World Bank deliver on its commitment to governance and anti-corruption work in developing countries, in partnership with other donors. Learn More »

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