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gac in middle east & north africa

MNA Regional Overview of Public Financial Management

This regional overview surveys PFM reforms across ten Arab countries: Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, the West Bank and Gaza and Yemen.

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about gac in middle east & north africa

For the World Bank, improving public sector performance and governance is a key pillar in its engagement strategy for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The link between governance and development has been well-understood for some time. Poor governance weakens the business environment for productive investment by making policies less certain and by imposing bureaucratic costs. Poor governance also weakens equitable public service delivery because it fails to involve those who rely on such services in their design and management – which increases in importance as service delivery becomes more complex. At a time when aspirations of young, growing populations, with widening access to global information is rising, government capabilities remain limited by weaknesses in economic growth. The widening mismatch between aspirations and capabilities makes action on governance an urgent matter. Learn More »


Event: Governance in Economic and Administrative Sectors: Integrating the Concept of Governance in the Administrative and Economic Reform Plan in Syria - Integrating the Concept of Governance in the Administrative and Economic Reform Plan The symposium addressed anti-corruption, civil service reform, public financial management, corporate governance and the role of parliamentarians and civil society in advancing the good governance agenda. Learn More »

Project: The Recovery under Global Uncertainty Development Policy Loan (DPL) Program for Jordan - This multi-sector DPL, with a significant focus on governance, aims to support the government of Jordan’s efforts to address economic and social consequences of the current global financial crisis and economic slowdown. Learn More »

Morocco Public Administration Development Policy Loan (DPL) - The Fourth Public Administration Reform Development Policy Loan Program (PARAP) for Morocco is the second of the second series of programmatic loans designed to support the implementation of the Government's public administration reform support program (PARAP) whose objectives are fully shared. The objectives of the series aim at: (a) improving Government efficiency in the management of budget resources through greater transparency and accountability, and by introducing performance measurement. Learn More »

Analytical and Advisory Activities on Governance: The Middle East and North Africa Economic Development Department delivered a total of 48 analytical and Advisory products covering several sectors and countries.
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Volume 4, Issue 2: November 2010
In this issue, we return to the important topic of public financial management.  The procedures through which revenues are raised and expenditures are allocated and implemented are among the most important functions that any government performs.  According to the most recent World Bank data, governments throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region spent approximately $407 billion dollars in 2007 in delivering their policy, regulatory and service functions.  The way in which this money is spent has huge implications for their broader development trajectory. Read the whole issue | Arabic version

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New! MENA Regional Overview of Public Financial Management
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Iraq Public Expenditure and Institutional Assessment: Public Financial Management in a Conflict-Affected Environment
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Corruption and Service Delivery in Yemen: Evidence from the 2009 Governance and Anticorruption Household Survey »

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