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GAC in Europe & central asia

Innovation Promotes Good Governance in Albania

As Albania prepares to celebrate 100 years of independence in 2012 with an eye towards becoming a member of the European Union; it must make crucial improvements in a sensitive area: good governance.

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About GAC in Europe and Central Asia

Based on the belief that "GAC is Everyone's Business", the ECA Region opted to form a "GAC Steering Committee" which provides a forum to assist the ECA RLT in planning and implementing GAC activities and provides strategic guidance on mainstreaming GAC in CASes and operations. In lieu of hiring GAC Specialists to be responsible for mainstreaming GAC, ECA equips every ECA staff on GAC fundamentals through the "ECA GAC 101" course and every TTL with "Fiduciary Training for TTLs".

regional studies

In order to mainstream GAC in the Sector, the ECA/GAC Steering Committee funded the studies to analyze the GAC elements in the Project Appraisal Documents prepared by the Human Development (ECSHD) and the ESW work delivered by the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (ECSPE). The PADs of the total ECSHD were reviewed to foster discussion about the GAC issue for better service delivery in the Sector. A Stocktaking exercise was conducted to compile and analyze the GAC elements in the ESW products delivered by the ECSPE.

ECSHD: Assessment of PAD
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ECSPE: Stocktaking of ESW
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Training & Learning

GAC 101 is a mandatory learning course for all Europe & Central Asia staff.

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How Did Georgia Succeed in Freeing Public Services from Corruption?

Country’s Experience Discussed at the Bank with President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili.

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