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GAC in Africa

South Africa

gac in africa

Africa Development Indicators 2011

The latest set of data from the World Bank on social and economic conditions across the African continent encompasses 1700 indicators ranging from the number of people with mobile phones to the percentage of women in parliament. Learn More »

Empowering Citizens to Hold their Governments Accountable

An AFR Strategy to Support Demand for Good Governance. View Document »

about gac in africa

The World Bank’s Governance and Anti Corruption strategy is increasingly being incorporated at all country, sector, and project levels by working with civil society organizations and governments across the Region. More and more Bank operations utilize innovative GAC tools to enhance development effectiveness. There is still room for further growth. We aim to provide insights from our project leaders on the positive impact of GAC in the Region, as well as knowledge activities and tools to promote GAC learning in Africa.

Integrating GAC Into CAS Design & Implementation

The recently updated Burkina Faso Country Assistance Strategy addresses GAC as a specific pillar. It aims to increase the demand for quality social services; improve efficiency in the management of public resources to provide better quality services; and to support institutions in order to improve the delivery of social services. The CAS strategy also addresses GAC as a cross-cutting issue to capture constraints in multiple sectors and to mainstream the GAC agenda across the portfolio. Learn more »

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