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gac in south asia

Right to Information Conference

A regional program on the Right to Information was funded by a GPF grant of one million dollars. The program is being led by Vikram Chand (country level work) and Naseer Rana (proactive disclosure) with WBI collaboration through Marcos Mendiburu (civil society network) under the guidance of Joel Hellman. Learn More »

about gac in south asia

The GAC strategy is predicated upon the premise that GAC is everybody’s business and should change the way we do our work. GAC should not be just an “add-on” but should be factored in at all stages of the operational cycle. The SAR GAC Implementation Plan took a multi-level approach which looked at GAC at the country, sector and project levels. The framework was designed to emphasize diagnostics, finding entry points, smart project design and country team processes. This was driven largely by country teams and SMUs with input from PREM and SARSQ and overall support from the RVP.

Key Governance programs and interventions

GAC Commitments to the Governance Council
AfghanistanThe region endeavored to examine how CMUs look at Risk Management and review risk at the Project and Portfolio levels. Many teams developed innovative ways to achieve this. e.g. India created the ACGA and other units learnt from them. Learning across countries was arranged for country level project and portfolio reviews. Learn more »


BhutanUnder the Bank-wide Governance and Anti-Corruption (GAC) Implementation plan in FY08, SAR provided incremental budget funds to support work on GAC. This funding supported the two priority areas of Country-level work and GAC-in-Projects. There was strong response from the region underscoring the need for good governance. Some US$700,000 was allocated for GAC-in-Projects while almost US$200,000 was allocated for CGAC activities. A total of twenty-one projects covering various aspects of governance and anticorruption were completed. Learn more »

Strenghtening SAR's Engagement on GAC Implementation Business Plan

South Asia has performed well over the past 15 years, becoming the world's second-fastest growing region and achieving a rapid reduction in poverty. Growth has helped to reveal the fault lines of government failures -- and is also creating pressures on government to deal with them, as citizens, with rising incomes and more at stake, are demanding better government performance and outcomes. Learn More »


Each Sector Manager has appointed a Governance Focal Point with a defined TOR for engaging on GAC issues within their units. Click here for more information »

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