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Risk Assessment

risk assessment

Assessing GAC risks is an integral part of the project preparation and implementation phase. This section will help you learn more about Value Chain Analysis, Political Economy Analysis and other useful risk assessment tools

key resources

Guidance Note: GAC - Emerging Good Practices
Chapter IV of the Emerging Good Practices Note provides a concise overview of the topic of Risk Assessment and depicts the interlinkages with Smart Project Design. View Document »

How-To-Note: Value Chain Analysis
Many Task Teams are using Value Chain Analysis to complete the governance and fraud and corruption sections of the Operational Risk Assessment Framework (ORAF). This GAC IP How-To-Note provides pragmatic advice on how to carry out a VCA. View Document »

Guidance Note: Problem-Driven Governance and Political Economy Analysis
The objective of this good practice framework is to systematize approaches to governance and political economy analysis and to provide readily available orientation for Task Team leaders (TTLs) and teams. View Document »

Operational Risk Assessment Framework (ORAF)
As part of the IL Reform, the Task Teams are provided with a tool to assess risks systematically and holistically from identification through implementation.
Learn more: ORAF Reference Material for FMS » | ORAF Guiding Questions »

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