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Project Implementation / Supervision

project implementation / supervision

How do you supervise projects with high corruption risks? What should you do if you suspect corruption in your project? This section provides practical advice, good practice examples and other resources.

Key Resources

Guidance Note: GAC - Emerging Good Practices
Chapter V of this note provides an overview of Project Implementation, hereby discussing the different Elements of Supervision, Supervising High-Risk-Projects and Monitoring and Evaluation. View Document »

How-To-Note: Project Preparation: Good Practices Guide for FMS
This note explains how supervision activities carried out by FM staff may be adapted to deal with increased risks of fraud and corruption in weak governance environments. It describes emerging good practice approaches to FM supervision, based on practical experience. View Document »

Pamphlet: Red Flags in Procurement
The 10 most common Red Flags of Fraud and Corruption in Procurement are being described in this brochure from INT. View Document »

Flowchart: INT cases in Project Documents
How to treat INT cases in Project Documents? This 2-page document provides practical advice. View Document »

Looking for Good Practice Project Examples?

Go to the GAC IP Good Practices Project Database to search for current and past GAC-related projects. Comprising more than 80 projects, the Database can be sorted according to Region, Country, Sector, Approach and Tool.

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