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Improving Development Results

governance and anticorruption Improving development results

An enhanced focus on governance, accountability and corruption changes the way development work is done. GAC approaches can be costly to implement, so it is important to know what works. This site is a platform where practitioners can learn more about the impact of specific GAC actions on development results. Learn More »

Public Sector Management
Improvements in core public sector management include those mechanisms that make budgetary, administrative, and service delivery processes more efficient, cost effective, transparent, and accountable, and boost performance of public officials, for instance, through the application of technological solutions. Learn More »

Demand Side of Governance
TA key innovation in governance over the last few years has been the increasing participation of civil society groups and citizens directly in the governance process - both in the design and implementation of programs and policies, and in overseeing the implementation of programs, and the expenditure of public funds. Learn More »

Checks and Balances
Checks and Balance institutions - formal governmental institutions that can hold government officials accountable through demanding information on public decision-making and public expenditures, that can investigate incidence of inefficiency or misappropriations, and that can open the functioning of government to public scrutiny - can be a powerful interlocutor between governments and citizens. Learn More »

Decentralization and Local Governance
Many governments across the globe are decentralizing the delivery of critical services to local tiers of government - municipalities, district and village committees. Learn More »

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