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Window One Workshop


The country-level programs supported by the GPF all feature governance as a key starter for development effectiveness.  The Window One Workshop (WOW) brought together nearly 100 participants including field-based Bank staff, sector specialists, and senior management.  Over 3 days in Cape Town the group shared feedback on the impact of the Window 1 projects, good practice that has developed, and lessons that have come from operational experience in governance. Strong focus was put on the relationships and learning that enhance the impact of such a significant paradigm shift.


View PREM Vice President & Head of Network Otaviano Canuto’s opening address »

Cape Town Workshop Proceedings Report

As we prepare to enter Phase II of GAC, this conference represents a turning point in a greater narrative — namely, how the World Bank and its partners are weaving principles of good governance and anti-corruption into their poverty reduction mandate. The newly released report tells a pivotal chapter in that story.
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Voices from Cape Town

The challenges and opportunities of governance at the country level. Learn More »


Based on the issues raised by practitioners and specialists throughout the World Bank’s governance community, 9 thematic break-out sessions were held as part of the Window One Workshop, “Implementing Effective Country Level Governance Programs”, held in Cape Town in September 2010. Learn More »

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