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HNP Briefs

HNP Briefs are short notes on issues of operational interest, in the health sector.

To publish your work in an HNP brief, contact Homira Nassery.

  1. PRSPs, Immunization Targets and Equity, February 2005 (PDF 80KB)
    In Africa, many PRSPs include immunization coverage targets, and debt relief often provides additional funds to help achieve them.  Joe Naimoli looks at some implications for immunization programs, and options for improving equity in immunization.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: Counterfeits, Substandard Drugs and Drug Diversion,  March 2005  (PDF 31.8KB)
    Counterfeit and substandard drugs jeopardize health and waste money. Andreas Seiter reviews dimensions of the problem and contributing factors, and how countries can ensure drug quality.
  3. Pharmaceuticals: Local Manufacturing, March 2005  (PDF 46.4KB)
    What factors must be weighed when deciding whether to promote local manufacturing of pharmaceuticals in developing countries?  Andreas Seiter's note summarizes pros, cons and key issues.
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Drug Regulation in Low and Middle Income Countries,  April 2005  (PDF 40KB)
    Regulation of pharmaceuticals is a complex task. Andreas Seiter's note reviews the role of drug regulatory authorities in developing countries and discusses how to set priorities in line with the overall health policy agenda.
  5. Privatization in the Tobacco Industry: Issues and Good Practice Guidelines to Ensure Economic Benefits and Safeguard Public Health, June 2005 (PDF 168kb)
    Privatization in the tobacco industry should follow general good practice: a sound regulatory environment will yield economic and health benefits.  This note provides clear guidelines and information on countries where tobacco privatisation may be on the agenda.
  6. Pharmaceuticals: Quality Assurance in the Distribution Chain, July 2005 (PDF  88kb)
    Many health projects rely on a regular supply of quality pharmaceuticals. Here is a practical guide how to assure drug quality along the distribution chain and win the fight against substandard and counterfeit drugs, which otherwise harm people's health and undermine the success of major treatment programs.
  7. Pharmaceuticals: Cost containment, Pricing, Reimbursement, August, 2005  (PDF 66kb)  In virtually every country in the world, governments, social security fund managers and health insurers are struggling with ever increasing drug bills.  This note explains cost drivers, provides insights into private sector strategies and discusses how to strike the balance between cost containment and access to innovative medicines.
  8. An Overview of Medical Device Policy and Regulation, February 2007 (PDF 325kb)
    Medical devices, ranging from a simple disposable syringe to a high end PET/CT scanner, pose significant regulatory, planning and management challenges for client countries. Michael Cheng provides a practical guide for decision makers to address these challenges and set up a framework in which medical technology contributes to improved health outcomes in a way that is safe and economical.

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