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Good Governance In Health Is Crucial For Reaching The Poor, But What Is It All About?

Sponsor: Human Development Network

Good Governance In Health Is Crucial For Reaching The Poor, But What Is It All About?
November 10, 2009
12:30 - 2:00PM
I 1-200

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 Part of the
Making Health Systems Work – for the Poor
seminar series

Maureen Lewis
Advisor, DECOS

Strategies for reaching the poor with health care services typically rely on ensuring adequate financing, improving physical access to care, and reducing the cost of utilizing care. Outcomes, such as infant mortality, are measured to track progress. Issues of institutional adequacy and performance are rarely considered, but yet they are critical for ensuring that health systems function and that those who need care receive it.

This presentation focuses on how to improve governance in order to ensure that health services are reaching the population in general – and the poor in particular. It will provide a definition of good governance in health and a framework for thinking about governance issues as a way of improving performance in the health sector. Crucial to high performance are standards, information, incentives and accountability. The presentation will also suggest performance indicators that can be used to track governance in areas related to budget and resource management, individual provider performance, health facility performance, informal payments, and corruption perceptions.

Julie McLaughlin
HNP Sector Manager, SASHD

Julian Schweitzer
Director, HDNHE

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