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World Bank - Civil Society Consultative Group on Health, Nutrition, and Population (CSCG-HNP)

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As the countdown to the 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) continues, the World Bank is deepening its engagement with civil society organizations (CSOs), toward the shared goal of helping developing countries achieve the better results called for in the health MDGs. To this end, the Bank has established the World Bank Civil Society Consultative Group on Health, Nutrition, and Population (CSCG-HNP), a mechanism for CSOs and the Bank to engage and share information, lessons learned, ideas, and advice that will inform the Bank's work in the health sector.

Please continue to visit for periodic updates on the work of the group, including summaries of meetings and opportunities to contribute to the dialogue.


During the past two years, the Bank has coordinated a series of health roundtable conversations with CSOs. The Bank hosted the first roundtable in Washington, D.C., in March 2010, and a second roundtable in April 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. During the Brussels meeting - which the Bank co-hosted with Action for Global Health - the Bank and CSOs agreed to establish the CSCG-HNP.

A third roundtable in Nairobi, Kenya, in October 2010 - co-organized by the Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD) - provided an opportunity for the Bank to hear the perspectives of southern CSO representatives on how best to strengthen Bank-CSO engagement in health, including a discussion on the role and terms of reference for the proposed CSCG-HNP.

After the meeting, Bank and CSO representatives finalized the draft CSCG-HNP Concept Note/Terms of Reference, issued a call for nominations, and selected the members of the CSCG-HNP from more than 120 nominations from around the globe. The first meeting was held at World Bank headquarters on April 18, 2011, following the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings.

Meeting Documents

Washington, D.C. Roundtable:

Brussels Roundtable:

Nairobi Roundtable:

First Meeting of the CSCG-HNP:

Second Meeting of the CSCG-HNP (conference call):

Third Meeting of the CSCG-HNP:

Fourth Meeting of the CSCG-HNP:

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