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Papers in this series present preliminary and unpolished results of research and analysis, as well as final study results. They are intended to encourage discussion and comment; citation and use of these papers should take account of the provisional character of many of them. New papers will be posted periodically.

Xavier Giné, Dean Karlan, Jonathan Zinman. Put Your Money Where Your Butt Is: A Commitment Contract for Smoking Cessation (PDF 2.38MB) July 2009
Tom Novotny and Hadii Mamudu. Progression of Tobacco Control Policies: Lessons from the United States and Implications for Global Action (PDF 5,99MB) May 2008
Michael Lokshin and Kathleen Beegle. Foregone Earnings from Smoking: Evidence for a Developing Country (Albania) (PDF 142kb) September 2006
Martíni Santi and Muji Sulistyowati. The Determinants of Smoking Behavior Among Teenagers in East Java Province, Indonesia (PDF 1.43MB) December 2005
Kyaing, Nyo Nyo, Anne-Marie Perucic and Khalilur Rahman. Study on Poverty Alleviation and Tobacco Control in Myanmar (PDF 2.84MB) September 2005
Andreeva, Tatiana I., Elizabeth Gilpin, Tetyana O. Salyuk, Konstantin S. Krasovsky and Anna V. Dovbakh. Smoking and Its Consequences in Pregnant Women in Ukraine (PDF 2.71MB) August 2005
Djutaharta, Triasih, Abdillah Ahsan, Tata Tachman, Hendratno and Elizabeth Gilpin. The Impact of Passive Smoking at Home on Respiratory Diseases: Results From the Indonesia 2001 National Survey Data  (PDF 1.19MB) June 2005

Vargas, Marco Antonio and Renato Ramos Campos. Crop Substitution and Diversification Strategies: Empirical Evidence from Selected Brazilian Municipalities. (PDF 1.85MB) March 2005
Keyser, John C. and Nila Ratna Juita. Smallholder Tobacco Growing in Indonesia: Costs and Profitability Compared with Other Agricultural Enterprises  (PDF 2.04MB) February 2005
Moertiningsih, Adioetomo Sri, Triasih Djutaharta and Hendratno. Cigarette Consumption, Taxation, and Household Income  (PDF 1.94MB) February 2005
Djutahara, Triasih, HV Surya, NHA Pasay, Hendratno and SM Adioetomo. Aggregate Analysis of the Impact of Cigarette Tax Rate Increases on Tobacco Consumption and Government Revenue: The Case of Indonesia, (PDF 441kb) January 2005
Yurekli, Ayda A., Fatwa ST Dewi, Joy de Beyer, AH Cornelia and Janet Hohnen. New Ways of Helping Poor Smokers to Quit in Central Java, Indonesia (PDF 4.55MB) October 2004
Ross, Hana. Russia (Moscow) 1999 Global Youth Tobacco Survey (PDF 1.31MB) September 2004
Ross, Hana. Poland 1999 Global Youth Tobacco Survey: Economic Aspects (PDF 482kb) September 2004
Joy de Beyer, Nina Kollars, Nancy Edwards, Harold Cheung. Research on Tobacco in China: An Annotated Bibliography of Research on Tobacco Use, Health Effects, Farming and Industry, (PDF 722kb) July 2004
Ross, Hana. The Ukraine (Kiev) 1999 Global Youth Tobacco Survey: Economic Issues, (PDF 397KB) June 2004
Keyser, John. The Costs and Profitability of Tobacco Compared to Other Crops in Zimbabwe, (PDF 1.94 MB)  June 2004
Anneli, Taal, Raul Kiivet and Teh-Wei Hu. The Economics of Tobacco in Estonia (PDF 538KB) June 2004
Bozicevic, Ivana. The Tobacco Epidemic in South-East Europe. (PDF 937KB) March 2004
Ahmed Afaal and I. Riaz Shareef. Economics of Tobacco Control – The Maldives, (PDF 676KB) November 2003
Zulifqar Ali, Atiur Rahman and Taifur Rahman. Appetite for Nicotine: An Economic Analysis of Tobacco Control in Bangladesh, (PDF 662KB) November 2003
Nyo Nyo Kyaing. Tobacco Economics in Myanmar, (PDF 828KB) October 2003
Isra Sarntisart. An Economic Analysis of Tobacco Control in Thailand, (PDF 845KB) October 2003
Yagya B. Karki, Kiran Dev Pant and Badri Raj Pande. A Study on the Economics of Tobacco in Nepal, (PDF 855KB) October 2003
Nisha Arunatilake and Maduwanthi Opatha. The Economics of Tobacco in Sri Lanka, (PDF 730KB) October 2003
G. Emmanuel Guindon, Anne-Marie Perucic and David Boisclair. Higher tobacco prices and taxes in South-East Asia, an effective tool to reduce tobacco use, save lives and generate revenue, (PDF 774KB) October 2003
Djutahara, Triasih and Henry Viriya Surya. Research on Tobacco in Indonesia: An Annotated Bibliography and Review of Research on Tobacco Use, Health Effects, Economics, and Control Effort (PDF 722kb) September 2003
Ray, Cecily Steward, Prakash Gupta and Joy de Beyer Research on Tobacco in India (including betel quid and areca nut), (PDF 1.18MB) June 2003
Nassar, Heba. The Economics of Tobacco in Egypt. (PDF 627kb) March 2003
Aloui, Omar. Analysis of the Economics of Tobacco in Morocco, (PDF 1.40 MB) March 2003
Guindon, G. Emmanuel and David Boisclair. Past, Current and Future Trends in Tobacco Use, (2nd ed.), (PDF 626kb) March 2003
Ronckers, Sandy & Andre Ament. Cost effectiveness of Treatment for Tobacco Dependence: a systematic review of the evidence, (PDF 311 KB) February 2003
Sayginsoy, Ozgun, Ayda Yurekli & Joy de Beyer. Cigarette Demand, Taxation, and the Poor: a Case Study of Bulgaria, (PDF 508kb) December 2002
Hu, Teh-Wei and Mao, Zhengzhong. Economic Analysis of Tobacco and Options for Tobacco Control:China Case Study, (PDF 427 KB) November 2002
Onder, Zeynep. The Economics of Tobacco in Turkey: New Evidence and Demand Estimates, (PDF 513kb) November 2002


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