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Links to other tobacco-related websites by topic

The following Internet links are relevant to the economics of tobacco control and thus provided for our user’s reference. However, this list does not indicate endorsement of these sites or their contents by the World Bank.

S T A T I S T I C S  /  R E P O R T S :

WHO Tobacco Atlas, 2002

Detailed country comparative data and maps

PAHO Template and Guidelines for Developing Legislation for Tobacco Control, May 2002 in English and Spanish

Clear, practical, concrete help for drafting tobacco control legislation, based on global best practice.

WHO Tobacco or Health: A Global Status Report 1997

Country profiles in tobacco use, production, trade, industry, health effects and tobacco-control legislation.

FAO Agriculture data 

Data on tobacco acreage, yield, production, commodity balance, producer prices by country.

USDA Economic Research Service: Tobacco Briefing Room 

US Tobacco Leaf and Products Statistics and Analysis. Data on tobacco production, stocks, imports, exports, consumption and prices are also available for selected countries.

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service: Tobacco Statistics and Report

Statistical information and analysis on the world un-manufactured tobacco situation.

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service: Tobacco World Market and Trade

Latest analysis and data on tobacco, outlining the current supply, demand and trade estimates both for the United States and for many major countries.

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service: Attache Reports

Attache reports on tobacco from different countries.

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service: Tobacco Program

CDC’s STATE System

Current and historical state-based data on the prevalence of tobacco use, tobacco control laws, the health impact and costs associated with tobacco use, and tobacco agriculture and manufacturing in the US.

CDC’s TIPS: Research, Data and Report

Tobacco data and reports in the US, some are economics related.


E C O N O M I C   R E S E A R C H

National Bureau of Economic Research: Research papers in Health

In this series, there are 25 research papers examining the effects on tobacco consumption of taxation and various tobacco control policies.

Homepage of Frank Chaloupka, Ph.D.

Various journal articles and presentations on the economic analysis of tobacco use and the role of prices and other control policies in affecting the demands for tobacco authored or co-authored Frank Chaloupka, Professor of Economics, University of Illinois at Chicago.


T O B A C C O   C O N T R O L   W E B S I T E S


WHO Tobacco Free Initiative

International Union Against Cancer

Research for international tobacco control

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

PAHO Tobacco Control  (available in English and Spanish)

National and Advocacy:

Canadian Council for Tobacco Control

CDC’s Tobacco Information and Prevention Sourcepage (TIPS)

Smoking kills: a white paper on tobacco by the British government

UK Action on Smoking and Health

Action on Smoking and Health Thailand

The Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health

Tobacco BBS

Tobacco control


T O B A C C O   I N D U S T R Y   W E B S I T E S

Brown and Williamson

Philip Morris

RJ Reynolds

Tobacco leaf:  The Web Site of the International Tobacco Growers' Association

The Tobacco Reporter

Tobacco Asia

A comprehensive list of links to industry websites


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