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HNP Briefs are short notes on issues of operational interest, in the health sector.

HNP Brief #5 covers Privatization in the Tobacco Industry: Issues and Good Practice Guidelines to Ensure Economic Benefits and Safeguard Public Health, June 2005 (PDF 168kb)
Privatization in the tobacco industry should follow general good practice: a sound regulatory environment will yield economic and health benefits. This note provides clear guidelines and information on countries where tobacco privatisation may be on the agenda.

These fact sheets aim to provide World Bank staff and others with quick, easy access to the state of the art in core basic health functions, and basic health, nutrition and population (HNP) preventive and curative services. These concise summaries are intended as introductions to the issues and the key interventions proven to be effective in improving health. They may be useful to project teams in the Bank and to others making investment decisions designed to improve health and nutrition.

The Tobacco factsheets available cover:

The fact sheets include:

  • Key facts on each topic
  • Evidence-based interventions
  • Indicators for monitoring and evaluation
  • Implementation lessons learned
  • Selected sources for more information
  • Links to useful sources for more detailed information

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