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Curbing Translations

Development in Practice:  Curbing the Epidemic:  Governments and the Economics of Tobacco Control.

 Complete Report

 Summary of the Report

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Translated version were produced by the following people/agencies:

  • Russian and Arabic, and summaries:  WHO
  • Spanish:  PAHO
  • French, Bahas Indonesian:  World Bank (with funding from CDC)
  • Hungarian:  National Insitute for Health Promotion, Budapest
  • Polish:  Witold Zatonski and Kyzysztof Przewozniak, with Jakub Gierczynski, Sergiusz Matusiak, Pawel Sztwiertnia.  Published by Medycyna Praktyczna, Krakow 2002.
  • Slovak:  Bratislava 2003;  Stop Smoking, NGO
  • German:  The German Cancer Research Center


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