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World Bank Group Links

Regional AIDS Sites

Disability and HIV/AIDS 
Public Health at a Glance Factsheets:
  HIV/AIDS   HIV/AIDS & Youth | MTCT | Disability & HIV/AIDS | Injection Safety | Reproductive Health  
Transport and HIV/AIDS
Millennium Development Goals  
Urban Development:  Local Government Responses to HIV/AIDS
Operations Evaluation Department:  Evaluating the World Bank's Assistance for Fighting the AIDS Epidemic
World Bank Research on HIV/AIDS
World Bank (WBI) Program on Health and AIDS
IFC Against AIDS 
Children & Youth
HIV/AIDS & Education  
Population/Reproductive Health 
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Other International Organizations

UNAIDS Cosponsors
WHO:  Global AIDS Treatment Emergency
Centers for Disease Control
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) 
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
UNIFEM:  Gender and HIV/AIDS

AIDSLEX - resources about HIV, human rights and the law


Research/Epidemiological Organizations/Sites

HIV InSite
International AIDS Economic Network (IAEN)
AIDS/HIV Journals (MedBioWorld) 
Epidemiological Fact Sheets by country  (WHO)
HEARD  The Health Economics & HIV/AIDS Research Division
HIV/AIDS Prevention list of software tools (CDC)


Government Agencies

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 
US Dept. of State:  Office of The Global AIDS Coordinator



Development Gateway & HIV/AIDS
World AIDS Day  
Kaiser Foundation HIV/AIDS
XV International AIDS Conference (Bangkok,Thailand 2004)


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