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ASAP capacity strengthening work targets high-level policy makers and technical experts in strategy and action planning.

TRAINING AND WORKSHOPS (click on the links to see course description, agenda & materials)

  • Launch of Evaluation Agenda in Latin America
    October 2010
    ASAP contributed to a workshop organized by UNAIDS in Panama to launch the evaluation agenda in Latin America. ASAP presented the results-based strategic planning approach, and the key products that build a national strategy. ASAP also provided an introduction to a software than can facilitate the management of national HIV and AIDS databases, including evaluation data.
  • Knowledge Transfer Exercise
    July 2010, Panama
    ASAP held a knowledge-transfer exercise in Panama to strengthen the skills of its regional team of experts. The seminar addressed issues of results, consistency, quality assurance, working effectively with partners and national counterparts, and problem prevention and resolution to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ASAP support in Latin America.
  • Strengthening the Capacity of Cosponsors
    December 2009, Istanbul, Turkey
    ASAP and the World Bank Institute delivered a capacity building workshop to enhance the knowledge and skills of UNAIDS Cosponsors staff at global, regional and national levels by updating them on the latest developments and tools in strategic and operational planning. The workshop emphasized the importance of aligning external support with national priorities, and using evidence to focus on results that address the realities of the epidemic.

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