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Self-Assessment Tool & Guidelines

Self-Assessment Tool & Guidelines

Download the Self-Assessment Tool English, XLS 222kb | en francais, XLS 276kb espanol, XLS 227kb Russian, XLS 267kb Arabic, XLS 259kb  .

Download the Guidelines for using the Self-Assessment Tool (last revision: December 2007, version 9), English (PDF 560kb), en francais(PDF 656kb),  espanol (PDF 604kb)

The SAT is an excel file with 10 sets of questions or criteria for assessing strategies.

The Guidelines explain each question, and offer "guidepost" criteria for deciding how to answer. There are also key references for users who wish to know more about any particular topic.

For each question in the SAT, the guideline provides examples and criteria to help answer the question. In the SAT, users select one of four answers, which are color coded. In the quideline, for each "color" or possible answer, there are descriptive examples of a country situation. 

  • Red for “no/not at all/does not exist/not applicable”,
  • Orange for “to some limited extent”,
  • Pale blue for “reasonable, but could still be improved”, and,
  • Green for “yes, sufficient”

The examples provided are unlikely to match exactly the situation in a given country. These are only examples, and users should choose the response which most closely matches their own particular situation.

In looking through the SAT, the user will notice that some questions are in bold. These questions were deemed by the developers and reviewers to be particularly important, and have therefore been given extra weight. Bolded questions are given twice the weight of unbolded questions.

 ASAP is a service of UNAIDS, hosted at the World Bank in Washington DC

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Last updated: 2009-02-26

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