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About ASAP

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ASAP's mandate

ASAP provides guidance and quality assurance for country owned strategies and action plans. It was set up in 2006 at the recommendation of the GTT1 to provide better support for prioritized, evidence-based, results-focused and costed national AIDS strategies and action plans.

ASAP complements existing national options for country assistance and provides international quality assurance and support for nationally owned efforts.  ASAP is supported by UNAIDS at global, regional and country levels, and collaborates with UNAIDS cosponsors and other partners.

What ASAP does

  • Provides rapid external reviews of draft strategies and action plans
  • Offers quality assurance and mentoring to develop strong strategies and action plans
  • Develops tools and guidelines to assist clients to assess and improve their strategies
  • Organizes capacity building for policymakers, practioners and consultants

How ASAP Operates

To request ASAP services please email the ASAP secretariat:

Most requests come from National AIDS Councils, UNAIDS Country Coordinators or Regional Support Teams.

How ASAP responds to requests: ASAP works quickly, in a consultative and collaborative way, to meet the country’s need. The process varies, but typically, in response to a request:

  1. ASAP convenes a teleconference with all involved partners to clarify the international quality assurance and support needed; ensure broad ownership in country (including that of the Joint UN Team on HIV/AIDS); and agree on how ASAP can complement nationally owned and led responses.
  2. ASAP then provides mentoring and quality assurance as agreed.

Last updated: 2011-01-25

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