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Tools for Strategic Planning

Self-Assessment Tool & Guidelines  



"FinCIAT" - Financial Crisis Impact Assessment Tool for HIV/AIDS

FinCIAT lays out a six step, flexible approach to help identify the top priority interventions that must be sustained when resources are highly constrained. It can be adapted for different country conditions and can be as general or detailed as conditions warrant.

SAT & Guidelines

Easy to use tool (excel) to assess strengths and weaknesses of your strategy. Guidelines explain good practice (briefly), with references for more information

Costing Tool &
User Manual
NEW!Cost your strategy using this Excel model. Spreadsheets and "menus" are set up for you. You decide on the level of detail. Enter data once, and the model automatically applies it throughout. Easy to ensure consistent unit costs, update and adjust unit costs and coverage targets. Model shows you overall allocations by activity, beneficiary group, cost categories (TA, studies, drugs etc) – with nice graphs - so you can check that plans are realistic, and match your priorities. You can quickly run different scenarios for costs, coverage, etc., and estimate financing gaps. Field-tested and improved after user feedback. New feature added to convert outputs to Global Fund proposal format!


Learning from Experience

Roadmap: A checklist of key steps in developing a strategy

Preparing National HIV/AIDS Strategies and Action Plans: Lessons of Experience (PDF 282KB)  The AIDS Strategy and Action Plan (ASAP) service supports countries to enhance their AIDS strategies to be more prioritized, evidence-based, costed and capable of being implemented. This "practice note" shares experience on preparing HIV/AIDS strategies and action planning. (en français - PDF 353kb; español - PDF 602kb)

Improving HIV/AIDS Strategic and Action Planning -- Lessons Learned from Lead Consultants (Sept 2008)
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Know your Epidemic

This note explains how the World Bank helps countries to collate and analyze available data, to better understand where and how new infections are occuring.

Country/regional examples are on our publications page: South Asia, Ethiopia, The6 Great Lakes countries; West Africa(French, Portuguese - summary), Honduras

Focus on Results

Planning & Managing for HIV/AIDS Results: A Handbook (PDF 3.51MB)  This Handbook introduces an approach to HIV strategic thinking and planning that is guided by evidence and oriented to results. It provides "how to" suggestions for each stage of the results cycle: analysing the country's epidemic and response, choosing results and targets to aim for, idenitfying indicators, then activities, and monitoring, managing and improving programs.
(also available in French, PDF 2.65MB;  Russian, PDF 2.62MB;  Spanish, PDF 4.72MB)


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