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Tandon A and C Cashin

Feb 2010

Assessing Public Expenditure on Health From A Fiscal Space Perspective (PDF 2.31MB)

World Bank2010

The China Health Policy Notes:

Lane, CNov 2009

Rwanda: Fiscal Space for Health & the MDGs Revisited (PDF 1.97MB)

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Volume 1: Main Report
(PDF 2.71MB)

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May 2009

Health Insurance & Competition (PDF 718kb)

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April 2009

Working in Health: Financing and Managing the Public Health Workforce (PDF 5.48MB)

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International Hospitals Group


Outsourcing Catering, Laundry and Cleaning Services in Regional Hospitals 

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Vujicic M, K Ohiri, S Sparkes2009Working in Health: Financing and Managing the Public Sector Health Workforce (PDF 2.36MB)

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