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Health Financing Revisited: A Practitioner's Guide

Health Financing Revisited:  A Practitioner's Guide addresses the major changes in global health and financing policy that have occurred over the past 10 years. As a result of the global focus on poverty reduction, new global health threats from HIV/AIDS, SARS, and avian influenza, and the international community's adoption of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), global health policy has now become a development, national security, and humanitarian issue for all countries. Significant amounts of increased resources for development assistance, much of it targeted to health, have subsequently been forthcoming.

Cover - Health Financing Revisited (3/06)

This report assesses health financing policies for their ability to improve health outcomes, provide financial protection, and ensure consumer satisfaction – in a equitable, efficient, and financially sustainable manner. It is intended to equip policy-makers at global and country levels with the tools for navigating this extremely complex domain by providing an overview of health financing policy in developing countries and is a primer on major health financing and fiscal issues.

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Complete Report (PDF 1.7MB)
Table of Contents, Foreword & Achnowledgements (PDF 91kb)
Executive Summary (PDF 132kb)
Overview (PDF 293kb)
Chapter 1:  Health transitions, disease burdens, and health expenditure patterns (PDF 157kb)
Chapter 2:  Collecting revenue, pooling risk, and purchasing services  (PDF 181kb)
Chapter 3:  Risk pooling mechansims  (PDF 282kb)
Chapter 4:  External assistance for health  (PDF 224kb)
Chapter 5:  Improving health outcomes (PDF 151kb)
Chapter 6:  Increasing the efficiency of government spending  (PDF 163kb)
Chapter 7:  Financing health in low-income countries  (PDF 255kb)
Chapter 8:  Financing health in middle-income countries  (PDF 194kb)
Chapter 9:  Financing health in high-income countries  (PDF 206kb)

Graphs from the report:

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