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World Bank Sites

  • Quality of Medical Care Research in Public and Private Sectors- This website provides information on the techniques employed by a research team to further understand quality of medical care through measuring provider competence and provider effort, and understanding the gap between the two.
  • Human Resources for Health in Sub-Saharan Africa- The focus of this website is on strengthening the health workforce in Sub-Saharan Africa. It provides a wide range of information on HRH such as relevant studies, country snapshots and assistance provided by the World Bank.
  • Human Resources for Health in India- This website presents a series of studies on human resources for health in India that were conducted by the Public Health Foundation of India and the World Bank. They attempt to better understand the human resource challenges facing the health sector and cover diverse areas in human resources for health.
  • Results Based Financing- Results-Based Financing (RBF) for Health is a tool used for increasing the quantity and quality of health services. It combines the use of incentives for health-related behaviors with a strong focus on results, and can support efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

External Sites

  • The Capacity Project- The Capacity Project is a global initiative funded by USAID to implement quality health programming in developing countries.
  • The Global Health Workforce Alliance is a partnership of national governments, civil society, international agencies, finance institutions, researchers, educators and professional associations dedicated to identifying, implementing and advocating solutions to the global human resources for health crisis.
  • World Health Organization Data and Statistics- This website includes health-related databases, data and statistics.
  • World Health Organization Human Resources for Health- To help address health worker shortages, WHO is leading efforts to manage international migration and motivate healthworkers to remain in their workplaces. Other priorities include support for education and training for healthworkers, the strengthening of governance capacities, and a special focus on nurses and midwives.


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