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  • Accelerate the improvement of health outcomes
  • Reduce the financial risk to households of high health care costs
  • Create financially and operationally sustainable health systems in client countries


Rapid provision of targeted and potentially transformative technical support to countries and regions, above and beyond routine World Bank operations. Short request process, quick turnaround and response.

Example: The Minister of Finance approaches the Country and the Bank's Human Development Network Director for high-level advice on a new health financing or administrative reform strategy.


Committed to developing innovative knowledge products and improving access to key Health Systems information through an improved website and support for in depth learning opportunities.


Strengthening internal and external capacity building activities related to health systems for task team leaders, clients, and in conjunction with World Bank Institute's programs on Health System Strengthening. Includes global, regional, and country-based programs.

Completed Activities

Health Systems Global Expert Team activities include a 10 year review of universal health coverage reforms in Thailand, advising the government of South Africa on a new national health insurance strategy, supporting a development policy lending proposal in Poland, facilitating "practitioner-to-practitioner" learning on health insurance and strategic purchasing in India, advising the government of Russia on fiscal space and health finance policy, designing a step-by-step guide for health insurance integration in China from 2011 to 2020.


Jack Langenbrunner, Health SystemsGlobal Expert Team Practice Leader (
Nga Quynh Nguyen, Health SystemsGlobal Expert Team Program Assistant (

To request the team's services, please send the program leader a one-page summary describing your activity, objectives, justification, timeline, and possible budget.

Please note: The Global Expert Team is an internal team of World Bank staff members and does not accept applications for employment. You can learn about employment opportunities with the World Bank on the Bank's Jobs web page.

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