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World Bank Publications

Process Evaluation of the Project on Defining the Architecture and Management of a Global Subsidy for Antimalarial Drugs (PDF 1.60MB)  L. Frost, M. Reich, B. Pratt, A Guyer (March 2009)

Impact of Malaria Control on the Demand for ACTs (PDF 9.63MB) R. Laxminarayan, E. Klein, D. Smith. (June 2008)

The global distribution and population at risk of malaria: past, present, and future (PDF 1.12MB)  S. Hay, C. Guerra, A. Tatem, A. Noor, R. Snow  The Lancet June, 2004

Environmental Management for Malaria Control in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Region(PDF 624kb) S. Lindsey, M. Kirby, E. Baris, R. Box  (April 2004)

Expert Consultation on the Procrurement & Financing of Antimalarial Treatment, 15-16 September 2003, World Bank, Washington DC  Final Draft Report(PDF 400kb)Terms of Reference

Africa Malaria Report 2003  (The World Bank has contributed the chapter on Resources and Financing.)

Accelerating Progress in Ghana to Roll Back Malaria at District Level: Findings & Recommendations from a Joint World Bank-WHO/AFRO-RBM Mission Examining Constraints to Scaling Up (PDF 68kb)

Incorporating Malaria Control into School Health(PDF 18kb) Draft prepared for discussions by the World Bank March 2003

The Relationship Between Socio-economic Status and Malaria: A review of the literature (PDF 200kb) Eve Worral, Suprotik Basu, Kara Hanson (January 2003)

World Bank Roll Back Malaria FY99 Status Report (PDF 225kb)

What should schools do about malaria?   A World Bank Policy Seminar hosted by the International School Health and Roll Back Malaria teams at the World Bank November 1999

Identifying opportunities to address malaria through infrastructure projects  Workshop Report World Bank June 9-10, 1999


Non-World Bank Publications
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Will A Global Subsidy Of New Antimalarials Delay The Emergence Of Resistance And Save Lives?  (Health Affairs 2006)

Malaria Vector Control & Personal Protection (WHO 2006)

World Malaria Report 2005

From the Malaria Knowledge Programme at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine policy papers: 


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