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The World Bank Global Strategy & Booster Program

The World Bank is substantially boosting its support to combat malaria, a dangerous disease which kills more than 3,000 people a day in Sub-Saharan Africa, with a new approach to support malaria control entitled "Rolling Back Malaria: The Global Strategy and Booster Program", which will make funding available to countries to enhance existing programs to combat the disease

Building on the global knowledge base for malaria control and the World Bank's operational experience, the Global Strategy and Booster Program puts the Bank's comparative advantage to work in addressing, in a strong and sustained fashion, one of the biggest barriers to economic growth and human development in many countries.


Rolling Back Malaria: The World Bank Global Strategy & Booster Program
June 2005


Download. Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these PDF files.

Complete Report (PDF 634kb)

Table of Contents, Foreword & Acknowledgements (PDF 126kb)
Executive Summary (PDF 68KB)
Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 35kb)
Chapter 2: Rationale for a Renewed World Bank Effort on Malaria (PDF 121kb)

Chapter 3: Priorities and Business Model (PDF 68kb)

Chapter 4: Program of Action (PDF 80kb)
Chapter 5: The Malaria Task Force (PDF 70kb)
Chapter 6: Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation (PDF 60kb)
Appendix 1: Outline of the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PDF 62kb)
Appendix 2: Malarial Case Notification and Coverage with Key Interventions (PDF 247kb)
Appendix 3: Four Success Stories: Malaria Control in Brazil, Vietnam, India & Eritrea (PDF 83kb) - Correction
Appendix 4: Strategic Communications (PDF 51kb)
Appendix 5: High-Impact Partnerships: Private Sector and Civil Society (PDF 45kb)
Appendix 6: Impact of Malaria on Schoolchildren and the Education Sector (PDF 34kb)
References (PDF 53kb)

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