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Nutrition Toolkit

The World Bank's Nutrition Toolkit aims to help World Bank staff design and supervise effective and feasible nutrition projects and project components and to carry out comprehensive analysis of sectoral and policy issues affecting nutrition.  The kit contains twelve tools, and can be ordered through the HNP Adivsory Service (  Summaries, parts of the documents and in some cases the complete document can be retrieved by clicking on the indications below.

Table of Contents


Project Design
Incorporating Nutrition into Project Design


Early Childhood Development
Nutrition in Early Childhood Development Programs (in development)


Basic Facts
Nuts and Bolts of Nutrition


Monitoring & Evaluation
Tools to Measure Performance of Nutrition Programs 


Economic Analysis
The Economic Analysis of Nutrition Projects


Nutrition Communication
Using Communication to Improve Nutrition


Growth Promotion
Promoting the Growth of Children:  What Works


School Nutrition
Nutrition for School-Age Children


Food Supplementation
Food Supplementation for Women and Young Children


Food and Nutrition Policy
Food and Nutrition Policy
(to be developed)


Food Stamps
Food Stamps and Related Nutritional Safety Nets


Management and Supervision
Strategy for Project Success
(to be developed)

Please contact us at for copies or more information specifying Nutrition Toolkit requestin subject line or send a fax to 202-522-3234 with attention to Akosua Dakwa and Nutrition Toolkit indicating the tool or tools you wish to order. We will respond with total cost of your order.


Toolkit cost (9 booklets currently published) - $40 plus shipping
Cost per individual tool - $5 plus shipping


Please make check out to:

The World Bank, Human Development Network
1818 H Street, N.W., Washington DC  20433
Attention:  Akosua Dakwa and Nutrition Toolkit

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