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Nutrition Toolkit Tool #2:- Basic Facts: Nuts and Bolts on Nutrition

This tool, one of the twelve in the nutrition toolkit, gathers in one place the most commonly used reference materials-the nuts and bolts-of nutrition situation analysis. A primary audience for this tool is task team managers and other Bank staff involved in the preparation of such documents and studies as a nutrition profile for a Country Assistance Strategy, the nutrition component of a Project Concept Document, or a nutrition sector study.

Full Report:  Nuts & Bolts (PDF 1.83MB) 

Cover, Foreward & Table of Contents (PDF 29kb)

Glossary (PDF 53kb)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 23kb)

Chapter 2: Anthropometry (PDF 355kb)

Chapter 3: Micronutrients  (PDF 188kb)

Chapter 4: Food Security (PDF 134kb)

Chapter 5: Infant and Young Child Feeding (PDF 122kb)

Annex A: Data Collection Methods and Statistics (PDF 121kb)

Annex B: Anthropometric Tables  (PDF 146kb)

Annex C: Micronutrients  (PDF 135kb)

Annex D: Food Security  (PDF 113kb)

Annex E: Infant and Young Child Feeding  (PDF 66kb)

Annex F: Guidelines on Formulated Supplementary Foods for Older Infants and Young Children (PDF 76kb)

References (PDF 49kb)


(Needs Adobe Acrobat)

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