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Nutrition Toolkit Tool#8 - Monitoring and Evaluation

This guidebook is designed specifically to assist World Bank and other nutrition project task managers with responsibilities they are likely to have for project monitoring and evaluation. Even if these responsibilities do not include the actual development of M&E systems, effective task management is likely to require an understanding of how such systems work, the key factors that render some M&E systems better than others, and the critical questions to ask of M&E operations. It presents recognized M&E processes in ways that they can be easily understood and put into practice. In addition, we use examples to demonstrate how these processes have been used in programs addressing malnutrition in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The core of the guidebook then leads the reader through the steps involved in developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems. These sections are supplemented by a set of annexes which provide application of M&E tools to specific examples and additional information to be used for M&E. The guidebook has been prepared for use either as a self-teaching manual or as the basis for group training programs.

Full Report:  Monitoring & Evaluation  (PDF 460 Kbytes)

General Introduction and Table of Contents (PDF 29 Kbytes)

Chapter 1- An Overview of Monitoring and Evaluation (PDF 67 Kbytes)

Chapter 2- Clarifying Project Goals, Objectives, and Information Needs  (PDF 47 Kbytes)

Chapter 3- Designing a Monitoring System  (PDF 65 Kbytes)

Chapter 4- Selecting an Evaluation Design  (PDF 44 Kbytes)

Chapter 5- Preparing for Evaluations  (PDF 25 Kbytes)

Chapter 6- Selecting Indicators  (PDF 34 Kbytes)

Chapter 7- Deciding Data Collection Strategies  (PDF 38 Kbytes)

Chapter 8- Developing Data Collection Instruments  (PDF 39 Kbytes)

Chapter 9- Analyzing the Data  (PDF 51 Kbytes)

Chapter 10- Maximizing the Usefulness of Results  (PDF 31 Kbytes)

Annex 1 (PDF 11 Kbytes)

Annex 2 (PDF 16 Kbytes)

Annex 3 (PDF 5,731 bytes)

Annex 4 (PDF 59 Kbytes)

Annex 5 (PDF 9,740 bytes)

Annex 6 (PDF 6,291 bytes)

Annex 7 (PDF 16 Kbytes)

References (PDF 10 Kbytes)

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