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Individual Country Reports

Davidson R. Gwatkin, Shea Rutstein, Kiersten Johnson, Eldaw Suliman, Adam Wagstaff, and Agbessi Amouzou. Socio-Economic Differences in Health, Nutrition, and Population in (Name of Country) (Washington, D.C.: The World Bank, 2007).

The 56 individual country reports are designed to serve as sourcebooks, by presenting basic data on health inequalities for use in identifying and reducing them. The data are drawn from 95 household surveys undertaken in 56 low- and middle-income countries by the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) project between 1990 and 2005.  For the complete dataset in Microsoft Access format, click here.

The following list indicates the countries covered by the reports, and the years of the surveys on which those reports are based.  The full contents of any country report may be accessed by clicking on the name of the country concerned.

East Asia and Pacific
Cambodia (PDF 3.30MB) Philippines (PDF 3.38MB)
Indonesia (PDF 3.38MB)Vietnam (PDF 3.37MB) 
Europe and Central Asia  
Armenia (PDF 3.29MB)Turkey (PDF 1,89MB)
Kazakhstan (PDF 3.38MB)Turkmenistan (PDF 3.29MB)
Kyrgyz Rep. (PDF 1.86MB)Uzbekistan (PDF 3.29MB)
Latin America and the Caribbean  
Bolivia (PDF 3.39MB)Haiti (PDF 3.38MB)
Brazil (PDF 1.86MB)Nicaragua (PDF 3.40MB)
Colombia (PDF 3.47MB)Paraguay (PDF 3.28MB)
Dominican Rep. (PDF 3.39MB)Peru (PDF 3.39MB)
Guatemala (PDF 3.38MB)  
Middle East and North Africa  
Egypt (PDF 3.38MB)Morocco (PDF 1.90MB)
Jordan (PDF 3.29MB)Yemen (PDF 3.30MB)
South Asia  
Bangladesh (PDF 3.47MB)Nepal (PDF 3.37MB)
India (PDF 3.39MB)Pakistan (PDF 1.80MB)
Sub-Saharan Africa  
Benin (PDF 1.91MB)Mali (PDF 3.39MB)
Burkina Faso (PDF 3.46MB)Mauritania (PDF 3.29MB)
Cameroon (PDF 3.47MB)Mozambique (PDF 3.38MB)
Central African Rep. (PDF 3.30MB)Namibia (PDF 3.39MB)
Chad (PDF 1.90MB)Niger (PDF 4.77MB)
Comoros (PDF 3.29MB)Nigeria (PDF 3.38MB)
Cote d'Ivoire (PDF 3.29MB)Rwanda (PDF 3.29MB)
Eritrea (PDF 3.28MB)Senegal (PDF 3.28MB)
Ethiopia (PDF 3.30MB)South Africa (PDF 3.29MB)
Gabon (PDF 3.29MB)Tanzania (PDF 3.48MB)
Ghana (PDF 3.47MB)Togo (PDF 3.30MB)
Guinea (PDF 3.29MB)Uganda (PDF 3.39MB)
Kenya (PDF 1.99MB)Zambia (PDF 3.38MB)
Madagascar (PDF 3.29MB)Zimbabwe (PDF 3.38MB)
Malawi (PDF 3.38MB)

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