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Malaria Among the Poor and Better-Off in Sub-Saharan Africa

  Deon Filmer, October 11, 2001.

The seminar presented findings from a multi-country study in sub-Saharan Africa that used data collected under Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) program during the 1990s. The study examines three main issues: 1) differences in the incidence of malaria among the poor and the better-off households; 2) differences in obtaining treatment for malaria among the poor and better-off households; 3) differences in the incidence of and treatment for malaria among poor and better-off communities. The principle findings include: a positive but weak association between household wealth and incidence of fever; a significant negative relationship between community wealth and incidence of fever; and significantly higher use of modern health facilities for treatment of fever by better-off, though the difference between rich and poor households was greatly reduced after controlling for community wealth, but remained statistically significant.

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