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The World Bank 2000/01 World Development Report on Poverty: What are the Implications for the Bank’s Work in Health, Nutrition and Population?

  Nora Lustig, Chris Grootaert, Monica Das Gupta and Adam Wagstaff, December 2000.

The seminar presented the World Development Report 2000/01 and its implications for the health of the poor. They noted the three main themes of the WDR: opportunity, empowerment and security and emphasized the international community’s role in making the poor better off. Further discussion focused on the importance of the security theme for the health of the poor as it addresses risk management, improved public health measures and the child health protection; the need for appropriate institutional arrangements to provide services; and the multidimensional definition of poverty in the WDR that gave HNP new recognition.

Download the complete seminar report (15kb PDF file).

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