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Socio-Economic Differences in Health, Nutrition, and Population within Developing Countries

This site features a set of reports presenting basic data on health, nutrition, and population (hnp) inequalities within 56 low- and middle-income countries. The data are drawn from 95 household surveys undertaken in these countries by the Demographic and Health Survey project between 1990 and 2005.

56 individual country reports each provide, for the country concerned, estimated values for up to 120 hnp status, service use, and related indicators for each economically-defined quintiles of the total population, of females and males, and of rural and urban residents. Approximately half the reports provide this information for two or more points in time.

An overview report features a table for each of the 120 hnp status, service use, and related indictor covered in the individual country reports. By drawing together the data for a particular indicator in all countries into a single table, the report format is designed to facilitate cross-country comparisons and the identification of global patterns.

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