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Reaching the Poor Policy Brief Series

Reaching the Poor Policy Briefs - COVER

The Reaching the Poor Policy Brief Series aims to share with a large policy and advocacy audience evaluated examples of health programs and projects that have successfully made health sector spending more progressive. This Policy Brief Series is produced by the World Bank Institute with financial support from the Government of the Netherlands with the dual objectives of (i) sharing evaluated experiences showing that it is possible to tackle inequalities in the health sector in order to (ii) generate a global dialogue on this often neglected issue.

Addressing Demand-Side Factors

  • Cambodia:  Exempting the Poor from Hospital User Fees
    English (pdf 149kb) French (pdf 176kb) Spanish (pdf 157kb) Russian (pdf 986kb)
  • Mexico: Paying the Poor to Use Health Services - Conditional Cash Transfers in Health & Education
    English (pdf 139kb) French (pdf 164kb) Spanish (pdf 147kb) Russian (pdf 144kb)

Community Involvement

  • India: Community-Based Women's Trade Union Brings Health Care to the Poor
    English (pdf 154kb)French (pdf 171kb) | Spanish (pdf 157kb) Russian (pdf 158kb)
  • Kenya: Immunization Reaching the Poor Through Mass Campaigns
    English (pdf 94kb) French (pdf 3.87MB)
  • Nepal: Participatory Planning Improves Reproductive Health for Disadvantaged Youth
    English (pdf 131kb)French (pdf 157kb)Spanish (pdf 138kb) Russian (pdf 175kb)
  • Rwanda: Community-Based Health Insurance and the Poor
    English (pdf 142kb)French (pdf 161kb)Spanish (pdf 147kb)Russian (pdf 889kb)

Health Insurance Initiatives

  • Columbia:  Using Proxy-Means Testing to Expand Health Insurance for the Poor
    English (pdf 194kb)French (pdf 214kb) | Spanish (pdf 206kb) | Russian (pdf 154kb)
  • Mexico (Seguro):  Providing Subsidized Health Insurance for the Poor
    English (pdf 132kb)French (pdf 134kb) | Spanish (pdf 119kb) | Russian (pdf 851kb)

Mixing Supply Demand & Interventions

  • Chile: Reaching the Poor With Health Services through Division of Multidimensional Support
    English (pdf 114kb) French  (pdf 3.90MB)
  • Indonesia: Introducing Health Cards to Cushion the Impact of Financial Crisis on the Poor
    English (pdf 151kb)French (pdf 172kb) Spanish (pdf 161kb) Russian (pdf 921kb)

Public Private Partnerships

  • Cambodia: Contracting Health Care Services for the Rural Poor
    English (pdf 150kb) French (PDF 173kb)Spanish (PDF 157kb)Russian (PDF 1MB)
  • Tanzania: Social Marketing for Malaria Prevention - Increasing Insecticide Treated Net Coverage
    English (pdf 137kb) | French (pdf 157kb) | Spanish (pdf 147kb) | Russian (pdf 833kb)

Reforming/Strengthening/Re-orienting Universal Programs

  • Brazil:  Reaching the Poor With Health Care - Filling the Cracks With Universal Coverage
    English (pdf 133kb) | French (pdf 155kb)Spanish (pdf 140kb) Russian (pdf 869kb)
  • Kyrgyz:  Reducing Financial Burden of Health Care for the Poor - The Case of Kyrgyz Health Financing Reform
    English (pdf 94kb) French (pdf 99kb)Spanish (pdf 96kb) Russian (pdf 876kb)

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