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Measuring Equity and Financial Protection in Health - Saly, Senegal


Pre-Conference Training

Monday 14 March 2011
Saly Palm Beach Hotel, Saly, Senegal


Aims & Content: This one-day course provided an introduction to the quantitative methods used in health economics to measure equity and financial protection in the health sector. The morning session provided an overview of the ADePT Health software and featured presentations on the measurement of health inequalities (using the concentration curve and concentration index) and benefit-incidence analysis. The afternoon sessions dealt with financial protection (catastrophic and/or impoverishing health payments) and equity in health financing. Participants spent most of the course actively engaged in carrying out equity analysis themselves, using ADePT Health on their own laptops.

More than 50 participants from across the African continent - and beyond - attended. Some people came from research institutes, others came from academia, still others from government ministries and from development organizations. Course evaluations show that the course was highly regarded and that there is great demand for follow-up courses.

“Measuring Equity and Financial Protection in Health - Saly” was presented by Adam Wagstaff (Research Manager, World Bank) and Caryn Bredenkamp (Health Economist, World Bank), coordinated by Daniela Hoshino (Program Assistant, World Bank) and facilitated by staff of the Centre Africain d’Etudes Supérieures en Gestion (CESAG). It was presented as an official preconference event of the 2nd meeting of the African Health Economics and Policy Association. Subsequent training events are scheduled and will be announced through this website.


  • Introduction English (PDF 1.52MB) | French (PDF 1.52MB)
  • Module 1a: Inequalities and Inequities in Health and Health Care Utilization - Concentration Curve and Concentration Index English (PDF 1.86MB) French (PDF 1.85MB) 
  • Module 1b: Inequalities & Inequities in Health and Health Care Utlization - Decomposition, Standardization, and Inequity English (PDF 963kb) French (PDF 830kb) 
  • Module 2a: Benefit Incidence Analysis English (PDF 1.36MB) French (PDF 1.29MB)
  • Module 3a: Financial Protection - Catastrophic & Impoverishing Health Expenditure English (PDF 1.34MB) French (PDF 1.42MB) 
  • Module 4a: Progressivity Analysis English (PDF 1.15mb) French (PDF 1.10MB) 


Feedback from participants:

“Really very interesting. I really appreciate the opportunity”

“I have learned a lot from this training. In fact, my personal value and knowledge has shot up. Thank you”

“This was timely and of high quality”

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