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Measuring Equity and Financial Protection in Health using ADePT (Washington DC)

Sponsor: Human Development Network

 Washington, DC

2 December 2011

On 2 December 2012, a one-day training event on “Measuring Health Equity and Financial Protection using ADePT” was conducted at the World Bank in Washington DC.

What did the training cover?

The one-day course provided training in the quantitative methods used to measure equity and financial protection in the health sector. Sessions included:

  • Measuring inequality in health outcomes and health care utilization - the concentration curve and concentration index
  • Measuring inequality in health outcomes and health care utilization – decomposition and standardization
  • Benefit-incidence analysis
  • Financial protection – catastrophic and impoverishing health care payments
  • Measuring equity in health care financing – progressivity analysis
  • Preparing data for ADePT

Each session commenced with a presentation of concepts and methodology by the instructors. Then, participants got hands-on experience in using the ADePT software to carry out the techniques on their own laptops using datasets drawn from the LSMS, DHS and WHS surveys. The World Bank team provided participants with flash drives containing the software, purposively-created mini-datasets and other training materials. The training was conducted by a team consisting of Adam Wagstaff, Caryn Bredenkamp, Zurab Sajaia, and Emiliana Gunawan from the World Bank.

What did participants in Washington DC say?

“Good introductory course-well organized; clear messages/explanations; good references to resources to start exploring ADePT.”

“Very practical and useful training course.”

“Practical style - "learning by doing" is good.”


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