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Measuring & Monitoring Health Equity: Application of ADePT (Prince Madihol Award Conference 2012 pre-conference toolkit session)

Sponsor: Human Development Network

PMAC 2012 ImagesOn Tuesday, January 24, 2012, a pre-conference toolkit session on “Measuring and Monitoring Health Equity: Application of ADePT” was conducted at the Centara Grand at Central World Hotel, Bangkok as a pre-conference session of Prince Madihol Award Conference 2012.

What did the session cover?

This event provided hands-on training in the techniques used to measure equity and financial protection in the health sector, using the new ADePT software.

The morning session covered:

  • Hands-on introduction to the ADePT software
  • Measuring equity in health outcome and health care utilization – the concentration curve and concentration index
  • Benefit-incidence analysis

The afternoon session covered:

  • Financial protection – catastrophic and impoverishing health care payments
  • Measuring equity in health care financing – progressivity analysis
  • Preparing data for use in ADePT

Each session commenced with a presentation of concepts and methodology by the instructors. Then, participants got hands-on experience in using the ADePT software to carry out the techniques on their own laptops using datasets drawn from the LSMS, DHS and WHS surveys. The World Bank team provided participants with flash drives containing the software, purposively-created mini-datasets and other training materials. The training was conducted by a team consisting of Adam Wagstaff, Caryn Bredenkamp from the World Bank, and Supon Limwattananon from International Health Policy Program, and facilitation support from staff of the International Health Policy Program.

What did participants in Bangkok say?

“TA/Facilitators helped a lot. They take good care of all participants so that we could keep pace with the speakers. Thanks!”

“Great session for a non-economist!”

“Very informative, would recommend to any policy-maker in the health financing sector.”


The morning session:

The afternoon session:


Read more about health equity and financial protection at:

Download the ADePT-Health user guide and related materials at:

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